Information About Gir Cow


Indian Cows are known for produces nutritious milk, which helps us to protect from several diseases. In India, Gir Cow is popular for its unmatched characteristics and quality. It is considered among the one of the best cow breed popular for its milk producing qualities and heavy build. Moreover, this breed of cows is known for its tolerance to resist different tropical diseases as well as stress conditions. Its average life span is around 12 to 15 years and gives birth to around 6 to 10 calves. It yields 12-13 liters milk every day with 4.5 % fat content.

Most of the GIR breed gives milk for about 10 months in a year and have no other problems of short lactation. GIR is situated in Gujarat in India at about 45 kilometers away from the Junagadh. The Gir cow breed is famous for its natural beauty, weight, height, and different appearance.

Why Gir Cow ?

When it comes to choosing a cow, selecting the best quality cow breed such as a Gir cow is the right option. There are many reasons that help you to select the right breed.

There are several benefits of Gir cow as follows.

  • It becomes the best breed in producing nutritious milk as well as more milk production.

  • In addition to high milk production, it is also known for its heavy build, distinctive appearance and docile temperament.

  • This cow breed comprises a good resistance to diseases and not susceptible to any infection. It normally fed with green jowar, green grass, dry fodder, Bajra straw, etc. Hence, maintain this breed is less expensive and complicated compared to other cross breeds.

  • Some cows of this breed produce more than 12 calves during their life span. In general, it gives birth to 6-10 calves. It can have its first calf at age of 36 months, if well-fed and grow healthy.

Importance of GIR COW in DAY TO DAY LIFE

In our day-to-day life, from morning to night, we need use of milk and other daily products. GIR Cows are considered as the best cows in the world due to its unmatched qualities. GIR Cow is known for its high milk production and it became less expensive & complicated to maintain. Having GIR Cows increases your health, wealth and prosperity as well as keep your family healthy. Its milk is considered as highly nutritious with many more other advantages as it contains more nutritional value and energy. It helps in enhancing physical and mental strength of your family. Moreover, cow dung also used in producing bio fertilizer help farmers to enhance production in their farm. GIR cow gives birth to approximately 6 to 10 calves, thus, it helps in increases prosperity of farmers.

Benefits of GIR COW: Milk, Urine, Ghee and Cow Dung

All over the world, GIR cow is considered as the best breed of cow due to its superior qualities. From high milk production to giving birth to more number of calves, GIR cow ranks top compared to other breed. When it comes to GIR Cow Milk, you will find more energy and high nutritious value with low fat, which is considered as the best for good health of people. It does not increase the fat level of your body, but gives extra strength to your body and keeps you physically fit and fresh for the whole day. GIR Cow’s Ghee comprises many qualities helps you to stay healthy. It helps in controlling cholesterol level of your body. It helps in maintaining your weight as well as also useful to increase weight of people with underweight and reduce the weight of overweight people. GIR Cow’s urine is considered as a best remedy in Ayurved. It comprises 16 minerals helps to cure many small to big diseases and also helps to improve our immune system. Fertilizer produced using Gir Cow Gobar helps farmer to make their land fertile and enhance crop production.

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