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Gir Cow

• One of the best cow breeds in world
• Gir Cow milk is of high nutritional value containing 52 types of nutrients.
• Gir Cow milk is “Amrut”

A Century Ago…

• India was regarded as the “river of milk”.
• There were lakhs of Gir cows in Saurashtra, Gujarat and other parts of India.
• In the 19th century, the British brought the “high yield” Jersey Cows to India.
• Jersey Cows were originally produced to satisfy the “meat” demands of the west.
• Milk of Jersey cow is not fit for human consumption.

The Greed Increased

• Since Jersey Cows produced more milk and required relatively less cost of maintenance, people started adopting these cows and breeding them.
• As if this was not enough, Co-operative dairy movement started. Cow milk was purchased in large volumes by these dairies.
• Monetary Value of milk is decided based on the “percentage of fat” in the milk Gir Cows Lost
• Gir Cow milk lost the battle because it had more “energy” and “nutritional value” but less “fat”
• Some people were not interested in energy or nutritional value, they were interested in “money”
• Cross breeding of Jersey cows started because it brought more “profits”
• Slowly but gradually, Gir Cows of original breed started declining One Country Knew it!
• In 1960, Brazil imported 2 Gir cows and 2 Gir Bulls from the erstwhile Princely state of Bhavnagar
• Today, Brazil has over 2 million Gir Cows of original bloodline
• High quality milk of these cows is supplied across North and South America

During the same time…

• We kept losing our precious wealth – the “Gir Cow”
• We kept drinking low quality milk
• We kept getting unhealthier Because it was convenient
• Because we did not care

Enter: 2013

• India has only a few thousand Gir Cows
• Very few out these cows are of original “Gir” bloodline
• We have not only lost our cows, we have lost our health, wealth and pride It’s happening near you
• Gir Cows are cross-breeded
• Cow farm owners wants to keep Buffalo and Jersey
• Cows are injected with steroids to produce more milk making them unhealthy and sick
• Cows eat garbage and left overs

The Lesser Known Facts about Jersey Cows

• Cost of maintaining Jersey Cows turns out to be much higher because it is not the natural domicile of India
• Jersey Cows contain A1 type protein has been found to be the main reason behind diabetes, overweight and heart diseases
• Jersey cows, male child are “Bos Taurus” category and are not usable for farming or carting. Hence they are sent to butcher houses

We stand a chance

• If we unite to support the cause to protect our legacy
• Let us save our beloved mother, who has nourished us for generations
• Let us protect the “Gir Cow”
• For our present and future generations

You can do so, with us

Our Mission

• To develop and grow pure breeds of Gir Cows
• To educate & stop cross-breeding of Gir Cows
• To promote consumption of pure Cow Milk and Ghee
• To encourage the use of Cow Dung and Cow Urine