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More than 1000+ satisfied customers all over the Gujarat State and many more in India as well as abroad.

Dedicated 100+ Gausevaks having gaushala with their team are in our mission of making India prosperous as a cow based economy.

Highest quality & purity of products which proves to remain intact & improve day by day through research.

Achieving timely commitments of delivering the products as & when demanded.

By past track ,you will see to it that actual or more worth of your payment or investment is been received

We are here to offer you authentic products which we can trust & give to our children in order to build a physically and mentally strong nation.

Realistic & affordable prices that can be afforded with a 24*7 support

There are 38 types of Indian cow breed officially recognised by Indian govt. on base of Genetics out of which our focus or specialisation belongs only to pure GIR cow breeds only.

Also 2% direct contribution of your purchase will be given to trust working for animal welfare activities.